Before you know it, you're buying stolen property.
Don't make life too easy for thieves.

Before you buy anything second-hand, check whether it has been registered with the police as stolen property. Enter at least 5 figures or letters of the serial number into the input field and click on Check.

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Number of registrations: 1,557,311
Number of serial number checks: 9,259,267

Tips for preventing the handling of stolen goods

Thieves make money by selling stolen property. Illegally buying and selling stolen property is what we call handling stolen goods. Given below are some tips on what you can do to prevent the handling of stolen goods and make burglary and theft less attractive to thieves.

4 reasons to register your property in the Stop Heling app.

Registering all your valuables in the Stop Heling app might look like a lot of work. But making a checklist such as this is extremely worthwhile, because:

  1. a checklist of your valuables makes it possible to identify what has been stolen. And what has been lost in the event of a fire. This makes it possible for you to inform the police and your insurance company of what property is involved, simply, accurately and quickly.
  2. You will also have a better chance of getting your property back: it is accurately described in the police report.
  3. That's how we work together on reducing theft and burglaries.
  4. A checklist is also a useful way of taking out the right insurance. You know precisely what your property is worth and avoid paying too much premium.

3 reasons for checking the serial number using

It is important to know whether second-hand property is registered with the police as stolen because:

  1. You support theft if you deliberately or inadvertently buy stolen property.
  2. You (either deliberately or inadvertently) involve yourself in the handling of stolen goods, which is a criminal offence.
  3. You can help the police to catch thieves if you identify stolen property by carrying out a serial number check at

You can also use our app to check whether something has been stolen when you are not at home.

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