About Stopheling

Illegally buying and selling stolen property is what we call handling stolen goods. By tackling the handling of stolen goods, you tackle theft as well. The police started Stopheling in 2008 to make it more difficult to sell stolen property and to increase the chance of successfully prosecuting people for handling stolen goods.

At Stopheling.nl and with the Stop Heling app everyone can check whether the serial number of a second-hand product is registered in the stolen property database. The database is updated every day and contains all goods registered with the police as stolen since 1 January 2010.

If you discover at Stopheling that stolen goods are being offered, you can report this straight to the police using a report button that is displayed on your screen.

Stopheling was officially taken into use by the State Secretary for Security and Justice and the police Crime Investigation Board (Board Opsporing) on 11 March 2011.